Adaptability is an adventurer’s best friend, and the Denali invokes the wide array of experiences you can discover in Alaska’s Denali National Park, where explorers like you can go from a short-sleeve summer hike down in the flats to a technical ice climbing in -40 degree Fahrenheit weather — all within the same park visit. Walkabouts should not be used as climbing gear, but hikers, bikers, sightseers, and climbers will appreciate the easy adaptability these carry-alls provide for the rest of your stuff. The Velcro strap makes for easy-on, easy-off transitions from one piece of equipment to the other, and the sturdy carabiner lets you clip your gear on and off in seconds as you shed or add layers on your trek. Load up on a few Walkabouts before you head into bear country, through taiga forest, and over the top of glaciers, so that your vital gear is where you can reach it when you need it.

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