Hello and Welcome to Kangeaux Outdoors, creators of the amazing Walkabout Carry Wraps!  At Kangeaux, our mission is to create products that will enhance the outdoor experience and promote an active lifestyle.  And here is our first one!

Walkabouts are designed to allow all sorts of active individuals – outdoor/ travel enthusiasts, and adventure fanatics an adaptable, on-the-go, carrying solution.  Walkabouts are an easy and attractive alternative to traditional carrying options, keeping your essentials within reach and eliminating the frustration of over-flowing pockets or bulky bags.

On the surface, the Walkabout is a carry-all comprised of a Velcro strap with an integrated clip and carabiner. The Velcro is built into stretchy, neoprene backing that can wrap around just about anything from water bottles, flashlights, cell phones, sunglasses, sandals, and a whole lot more!  But on a deeper level, the Walkabout is all about the FREEDOM to get outside and explore, without your gear getting in your way or slowing you down. Put your hydration … your bear spray … keys or your iPhone where it’s always at-the-ready for hiking, biking, climbing, or diving into your next adventure.