How to carry anything with Kangeaux

How to carry anything with Kangeaux

February 24, 2017

From every day carry items to those items specific to your favorite sport or outdoor activity, Kangeaux's Walkabout, can help you keep up with almost anything.

walkabout carry anythingSo what makes the Walkabout better than other carriers?  In a word, it's Universal.  There are plenty of products that are made for carrying specific items, but the beauty of the Walkabout is that can adapt to most of the personal items you typically carry. Personally, I keep my Walkabout rolled up and connected to my keychain.  And wherever I go, I've got something that can hold my phone, sunglasses, a ball-cap, or a million other things that get in the way, when I want to keep my hands free.  And best of all, it's made right here in the USA!


walkabout universal carrier

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